Funny ways for guys not to ask a woman to marry him.




It’s time you stopped putting yourself down and started putting yourself first.

Promise Ring

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Several years ago… 9½ years ago to be exact.

I was walking around with a huge baby bump. My first baby girl was close to being born. [We’ll just call her, Lisa.]

My baby girl was conceived with my [former] love of my life. I say former because things did not go that way. . . He was a douche (in my eyes anyway) and hurt me when – he slept with another woman, breaking my heart into a million pieces.

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Boundaries in Marriage

I have a Spiritual side within me. You will not hear this from me often as, I’m not religious. I do not believe in a higher being. But I do agree with the Bibles way of spelling out common sense as a guide book that makes the world a better place. This link explains a few of those important examples.

Most of us have no greater desire than a lifetime of love and commitment of the air, and onto the person with whom we share our life. We want to become one flesh with our spouse. This is what marriage is about:

Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, 
and shall cleave unto his wife: 
and they shall be one flesh. (Genesis 2:24)

Marriage is about love, care, need, and companionship of two people who overcome immaturity and selfishness in order to form something better than what each person alone can produce.Love is at the center of marriage, but love cannot grow without freedom and responsibility.When we are free to disagree, then we are free to love.If we are not, we live in fear and love dies. When we both take responsibility to do what is best for our marriage, then love can grow. If we don’t, then one of us will take too much responsibility and resent it and the other will not take on enough and become self-centered.

Blaming somebody else for our own behavior is a sign of great immaturity — and I say this although I am painfully aware of the fact that I fall into that trap myself more often than I want to. On the surface, it seems that we can get rid of the responsibility for our actions by blaming somebody else. But in reality we’re just denying ourselves the chance of getting help, because we don’t want to admit to ourselves and others that we failed. By putting the blame on our spouse, we hurt the person we love and who would be most willing to help us. But how can you help somebody who is not willing to accept ownership of the problem that needs to be solved?

The Misunderstood Child

My oldest child has autism, like me.
This sums up our troubles. . .

I am the child that looks healthy and fine.
I was born with ten fingers and toes.
But something is different, somewhere in my mind,
And what it is, nobody knows.

I am the child that struggles in school,
Though they say that I’m perfectly smart.
They tell me I’m lazy — can learn if I try —
But I don’t seem to know where to start.

I am the child that won’t wear the clothes
Which hurt me or bother my feet.
I dread sudden noises, can’t handle most smells,
And tastes — there are few foods I’ll eat.

I am the child that can’t catch the ball
And runs with an awkward gait.
I am the one chosen last on the team
And I cringe as I stand there and wait.

I am the child with whom no one will play
The one that gets bullied and teased
I try to fit in and I want to be liked,
But nothing I do seems to please.

I am the child that tantrums and freaks
Over things that seem petty and trite.
You’ll never know how I panic inside,
When I’m lost in my anger and fright.

I am the child that fidgets and squirms
Though I’m told to sit still and be good.
Do you think that I choose to be out of control?
Don’t you know that I would if I could?

I am the child with the broken heart
Though I act like I don’t really care.
Perhaps there’s a reason I’m made this way —
Some message I’m sent to share.

For I am the child that needs to be loved
And accepted and valued too.
I am the child that is misunderstood.
I am different – but look just like you.

~ Kathy Winters

Fake it? To make it?


Below are a few of my quotes that I found interesting while reading “Understanding orgasm” online at You can read the entire article here:

“Most women at one time or another have faked it,”
– Katz’s Deli scene in “When Harry Met Sally” when Sally (Meg Ryan) 

Guilty! But why the hell do we do it? Most likely it’s the typical male ego response much like the one Sally (above) received.

“Well, they haven’t faked it with me,”
– Harry (Billy Crystal)

Poor fool!

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Men: Love at first sight?!

According to Evan Marc Katz from men typically determine if a women is do-able upon first glimps.  It’s purely physical and has little or nothing to do with the person within the sexy (or unsexy) body.

Men, regardless of relationship status, get a chemical high in seeing attractive women. – Evan Marc Katz

The male sex drive has nothing to do with kindness or personality or compatibility. It is entirely based on physical attraction, which we feel instantly with the release of dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone. This is why men can know if they would sleep with you in less than five seconds. – Evan Marc Katz

He also added that men will continue to like a particular type of women until he falls in love with someone else. For a period of a few years he will remain attracted to one women while he impregnates her and helps raises the child to toddler-hood.

Next, I’d like to assert that a man’s sexual tastes and feelings of attraction don’t disappear because he is in love with another woman.

His intense feelings for his girlfriend may lessen his desires to look elsewhere for sex. But once those intense feelings of chemistry go away (as they usually do after 18 to 36 months – just long enough to conceive and raise a young child), his attraction will still spike every time he sees an attractive woman, in some form or another. – Evan Marc Katz


He explained, that men have strong desires to be with other women once the child reaches a particular age… However, they’re capable of control the urges and can still be a good hubby or father if he aware of his self and the natural urges.


The more self-aware men understand this intellectually, and relegate those spikes of attraction to what they are – biologically programmed bursts of pleasure. We give ourselves doses of this pleasure when we’re walking on a beach, when we’re at an outdoor concert, when we’re at parties, and especially when we’re on the Internet….

 Men crave variety. This is normal. It’s all about whether he acts on this desire.

Men can admit attraction to favorite celebrities, and still be great husbands and fathers.

Men can watch porn, fantasize about other women, and still be great husbands and fathers.

Men can go to bachelor parties, go to a strip club, and still be great husbands and fathers. – Evan Marc Katz

Men were simply made to pollinate the world as much as possible but they also feel that a stable family is more important than having more children with several women. So men typically choose to keep their family jewels to a single women regardless of how they where wired.

Men, since the beginning of time, were designed to spread their seed.

Because monogamy lowers the chances that our genes will survive, men are not, by nature, monogamous creatures. We choose monogamy because we deem that it’s more beneficial to have love, stability, and a nuclear family than to have lots of children running around with our eyes. But make no mistake, monogamy is a choice, not a natural state. – Evan Marc Katz

So why do men cheat?

He’s got that explanation covered too.

His temptations out weigh the value of your relationship, he thinks he’s above the relationship law or that the rules do not apply to him. They put play with fire allowing themselves to get into situations that will tempt them often. They’d rather have the trill than their partner.

But he adds that men DO want love as well.

Simply put, men want love, too. Even if we still like to look elsewhere. – Evan Marc Katz

But are women programmed to want variety too?

Yes, we want variety too! However, we’re completely okay with the same ol’ guy….. just as long as he is able to give them the sexual variety they need.

Which explains why I get board…

Men would be perfectly content having missionary sex with a new woman every night.

Women would be perfectly content with the same man forever, as long as he mixed it up in the bedroom a bit. – Evan Marc Katz

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Blogging all wrong

Once upon a time… venting online was an outlet for me. I never reveled who I was or left clues that could lead you to me. I spilled it all. I told the keyboard everything.

I was surprised to have over 1,000 regular followers leaving me feedback, rooting for me, giving me unwanted advice. Those strangers knew everything about me. More than anyone I faced day-to-day.

I never intended to have readers. I assumed I was boring and nothing entertaining could come about my day. I was so wrong! Lots of people found my drama filled day-to-day life and ranting’s helpful and entertaining.

I’m leaning more towards train wreak – you just can help but watch! But that’s how I roll. (Really though, train-wreak!) Shit was better than any soap opera you could watch on TV. Best of all, it was the flat out truth. My life fucking sucked fucking smelly donkey cock!

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A Close Race: Cat & Mouse Game

What are your needs?

For me something is missing. Something has always been missing.

What is it?

Well I’m not sure. However I’m sure I can pin point it if I dig enough.

I do know that something is missing. A feeling I’m not able to balance. A feeling of needing something, or needing more.

At times, I feel the urge to explore. I get board. I like routine. I like feeling secure. But something connects in my mind to wonder.

Wonder how?

Well to flirt with someone. To chase after the newness. I love the feeling of been adored. I crave this feeling. A feeling that a man wants me and puts effort in chasing me. It’s a rush! Once he shows interest in someone else. He makes me jealous. Jealous that SHE is getting my attention. That she is prettier, or better than me. Is she sexier than me, more women than me. What can she do that I can not do? Questions like this beat me in the head. Maybe she’s not better than me. Maybe he turns right back to me. Nope. He lost me. It’s near impossible to get me back on the path once this happens.

Depending on how badly it stung.

I’ll kill his ego with silence. I’ll be there. He will see me. Maybe will want me still. Except do I know you? As I turn and carry on. Sending him the big message as Ha you can have me, you are not man enough to be my man, or your not man enough to keep me satisfied. Simply forgotten. 100% Blown the fuck off!

However if it stung me, I may play a game of cat and mouse. Not like before when we flirted. However he will likely think so. I have bumped up my game. I’m playing my big cards. Much like when we boost his man card and fake the big O. Disappointed and just want out of the awkward moment of his cock probing our pussy completely unpleasured.

I’m getting my lady-ego back and it’s filling up dangerously fast. My confident sours to dangerous levels, that other women has nothing on me now! My big move is approaching and I’m scooping out the fields.

Got it, I find a new target, rather fast. Guys can smell my urges. The other guy is my bait for the new guy. He will want me more knowing his more man than the other and can’t stand the though of me being with a lesser man. He will have the urge to take on the challenge of getting the girl and pleasing her better than the lesser man. He has upped his game and is highly focused on me. ME! ONLY ME! How hot, turns me on thinking about it!  It’s animal talk people. Humans are animals! 

Right about now the first guy will begin back at the first option…. Seeing me, really wanting me…. but not “really” having me, anymore. I’m physically there – but mentally it’s clear I’m not there.

I want to be with the other guy. I’m about to seal the deal and ‘snap out out of it’ of play it off like a ‘bad day.’

After all, I don’t want either tripping over their tale, yet anyway!

He comes back and really wants to pick me up. He misses the way it way before… except he gets slapped in the face by reality. My mind, my eyes, my soul is else where.

He’ll get a glimpse of the big catch. The fish that’s bigger and better… All the man he was and so much more. The fish is better looking, stronger, smarter, sexier, and best of all he’s mine, all mine.

So it makes me a bad word. It’s like when he looked at her. And I’m talking more here people…. not some guy I just met. I’m talking dawgs here. Men that want to tie us ladies up for themselves and wonder around sniffing other bitches. Did he really think another bigger, better, dog would come and sniff his tied up bitch, while he was out? Was his ego that damn big? Did he really believe he was all that of a man?

I find it humorous, that some men can think this way and call me a bad word.

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