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It's funny how when you FINALLY get over someone. You start seeing them in a whole new perspective.

It’s funny how when you FINALLY get over someone. You start seeing them in a whole new perspective.


Greedy Self Diagnosis Needed

DSM III made psychiatric diagnosis interesting and accessible to the general public. More than a million copies of each edition have been sold -more to ordinary people than to mental health professionals. The widespread appeal of the DSM is in its clear definitions that allow people to make self diagnosis in themselves and family members.. For the most part, this has been a useful contributor to self knowledge and to early identification and treatment. But it can also be overdone and inevitably leads to overdiagnosis in the hands of non-clinicians.

A blog entry by: Psychology Today in June 2010

If more professionals would do their job (maybe even buy and read the book) and spend more time with the less patient, instead of less time with more patients… They would really be able to listen to their patient instead (being a good doc, not the greedy one) writing an Rx or making another overpriced appointment to fill your pockets.

Then MAYBE ordinary people wouldn’t feel the need to go above their head and find out the source them self.

Engagement Ring History

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“From all my reading, engagement rings were rare up until Victorian times. In medieval times the most common engagement gift was a thimble. Through the regency period, engagements were generally so short, people still only had one wedding ring. come the Victorians, however, engagements could be upwards of a year.

ALSO, it was very common for brides to be to “lose their virtue” during this engagement period. As some less scruplous men would propose to get into someone’s pant, they started making it possible to suing men for basically breach of contract if they proposed and then ran.

Expensive rings were another “down payment” making it do men didn’t propose and then take off leaving the woman “ruined””

Wedding Rings
Rings are likely chosen for the symbol of marriage because of the circular shape because it represents the union as eternal—without a beginning or end.

American men started to wear wedding bands during World War II to serve as a reminder they had a wife waiting for them back at home during their lengthy time away.

Several ancient cultures (including the Romans) claim ownership of the reason why the ring is placed on the third finger on the left hand (the ring finger). It was believed that there was a vein that ran directly to the heart from that finger. The Romans called it the “Vena Amoris” which when translated means “Vein of Love”—a fitting name for a wedding ring.
Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend